In English

Welcome to Sinnligt

Here you will meet us in a calm and

relaxed environment, to talk to and get help regarding pregnancy, contraceptive and others

regarding womens healthcare.

You will meet our midwifes Lotta & Annica

our receptionist Marie

Our midwifes are up to date with existing maternitycare and delivery and will provide you with

the best care!

Our openinghours are flexible, we are for example open at some evenings every week. As a

patient, you will be able to get an appointment most often the same week that you are calling.

Since we are financed from the county council in Knivsta, most appointments are for free. That is if you

have a swedish citizenship, or are seeking asylum, or if you are from a country within EU and

you have an EU-card with you. If you aren’t included in above mentioned, there will be a cost

that will be charged for each visit.

In Uppsal we are private and you will be charged a fee for the visit.

At Sinnligt, we offer you:

Healthcare during pregnancy, starting at approximately pregnancyweek 6 and

althrough the pregnancy (we follow Swedish national guidelines).- no cost

Acupuncture for hyperemesis (sickness/vomiting during pregnancy) (220 SEK each

treatment, approximately 5 treatments).

Courses in parenting and preparing for birth, with much focus on both theory and

practice (breathingtecniques och relaxation).

Please contact us if you are intrested in a english class/group!

Help with contact to a doctor, dietist, physiotherapist and psychologist, during your

pregnancy if needed.

Courses in babymassage (700 SEK/1 child + 2 adults, 5 classes x 1,5 hour).

Contraceptive-counselling, give you prescription for contraceptive (pills, inter-uterine

devices, vaginal devices, implant).

Testing for chlamydia, (a sexual transmitted infection.)- no cost

Pregnancytest (110 SEK).

Abortion counselling.

Smeartest -no cost.

Acupuncture (220 for nausea, all other treatments 420kr/30 minutes. )

Our openinghours you can find under (reception= mottagning) ”Mottagning Uppsala or

Mottagning Knivsta” at the startpage.

We have some dropin- check on first page!. During dropin you are welcome to renew a

precription for contraceptive, take smeartest and test for chlamydia.

If you need an interpreter, just let us know!

Welcome to Sinnligt!


Contact us:

Knivsta 018-349101

You can call us 8.30-9.30 weekdays.

All other times:

Please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.

In emergency (women´s healtcare) in the early pregnancy call :

Gynaecological emergency department : 018-611 5711

in later part of pregnancy, call

Childbirth and maternity department

018-6115700, 018-611 5727